Membrane Nitrogen Generators of the various gases

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    When two or more gases are mixed through the polymer membrane, the relative permeation rates of the different gases in the Membrane Nitrogen Generators are different due to the difference in solubility and diffusion coefficient of the various gases in the membrane. According to this feature, the gas can be divided into "fast gas" and "slow gas".

    When the mixed gas is driven by the pressure difference between the driving force and the membrane, the gas with relatively high permeation rate and water, oxygen, carbon dioxide and so on are permeated on the membrane permeation side and the permeation rate is relatively slow Gas such as nitrogen, carbon monoxide, argon, etc. are concentrated in the retention side, so as to achieve the purpose of mixed gas separation.

    When pressurized air is used as the gas source, inert gases such as nitrogen are enriched into high purity for production applications, and oxygen-enriched air is emptied from the permeate side. Nitrogen film system can be low in the air from 78% to 95%, up to 99.9% of pure nitrogen.

    The working principle of this nitrogen generator separation of nitrogen in the industry have a lot of applications in the laboratory is mainly used for gas purity requirements are not particularly high purging, protection, replacement of oxygen and so on. The main advantages of this type of Nitrogen Gas Generator is the flow of large, while long life, and maintenance costs are very low; the disadvantage is that nitrogen purity can not achieve high purity, membrane components are currently imported, domestic can not provide high cost, instrument prices are relatively high.


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